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New RVs for Sale

We offer new Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Pop-up Campers, A-Frames, Truck Campers, and Teardrop Trailers.

Used RVs

We also stock a large selection of gently used RVs; we’ve got everything from fifth wheels to pop-ups.  If you’re not positive about what type of RV you want or if you’re on a tight budget, a used RV might be just what you need!

RV Service

We offer full-service for your Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Pop-ups, Teardrops and Truck Campers.  Our great service team will also complete a walk-through with you when you purchase an RV.

RV Parts & Accessories

Our Parts department is filled with all the levelers, hoses, and covers you’ll ever need, plus plenty of accessories like solar panels, kitchenware, and more.

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We also offer Boat and RV storage, at our sales lot, for only $40 per spot, no matter the size! Feel confident knowing your RV or boat is securely stored on our gated lot here in Grand Junction.

RV Brands

We stock a wide variety of RV brands including Rockwood, Springdale, Coachmen, Vengeance, Northstar, R-Pod, Surveyor, and NuCamp T@Gs and T@Bs.

RV Sales, Parts, and Service

Bob Scott RVs has been serving Western Colorado and Eastern Utah since 1988.

Our wide selection of RVs, both new and used, provides customers with the opportunity to tour lots of different RV styles before making a final decision.



Do not forget to dewinterize your RV before using the water system. Attach fresh water fill hose to your city water fill. Turn on the water to a small stream, you can increase it later. Slowly open all your cold water faucets and allow water to run about a minute after all the antifreeze is...
There are multiple types of RV non-toxic antifreeze being marketed today. Automotive antifreeze is not designed, or recommended, for seasonal cold storage protection. It is also toxic and will contaminate your water system. ETHANOL (alcohol) BASED – most readily available at most hardware and discount stores and some RV shops. This type is the lowest...