I know there are lots of people out there who think New Year’s Resolutions are silly or unnecessary.  January 1 is just another day, right? Not to me! January 1 is the day that the new year, with all its possibilities and adventures begins. It’s a time to get ambitious and say, “What are we going to do this year?” If you’re a first-time RVer with a new RV heading to the lot just for you, or you’ve been at this for years, there are always new things to do and resolutions to be made regarding your RV and travel. Here’s our list of 5 RV Resolutions for 2019:

RV Resolutions for 2019


















        1. Go somewhere new!

          Often we get into ruts with our trips: back to Crested Butte, back to Pearl Lake, down to Ridgway again. There’s nothing wrong with having favorite places to visit.  In fact I often enjoy the feeling of “home” or familiarity with a place. I enjoy returning year after year to visit the same trails and restaurants and also to see what’s new.  However, at some point it’s time to say, “Let’s explore!”  So do it! Whether it’s a trip to Oregon (already booked campsites!) or a trip to a national park in the off-season (you can still explore Yellowstone in winter), find some place new to explore.  The excitement and trepidation of a new adventure is sure to get you excited about the 2019 RV Season.

        2. Use your RV to its fullest potential!

          This is going to mean different things to different people. Maybe you have a 4-season camper but haven’t really tested out winter camping.  Maybe you’ve got a large gas oven in your RV but you’ve never tried cooking a casserole in it. Solar panel hookups but still haven’t purchased that solar panel? Whatever it is, make full use of all of the features and amenities of your RV.  You bought it for a reason and those amenities were likely SOME of the reasons.  So take advantage of that TV on rainy days, enjoy that extra large hot water heater, and use that microwave!

        3. Try a new activity

          When you’re in a new area, or even a familiar one, find a new activity to try.  For us last year it was paddleboarding.  We were staying at Jordanelle Reservoir near Park City and had easy access to paddleboard and kayak rentals.  What better way to test something out than right outside your door? What we learned was that paddling around a lake after a day of biking or golfing was a fun way to relax and continue to enjoy the outdoors.  What experience do you want to try? Parasailing? Golfing? Ice climbing? Skiing? Maybe it’s not something so active.  Maybe a great new activity to try is 4-wheeling or jeeping, or gold panning! Whatever it is, we’re betting some of the places you’ll travel to this year will present the opportunity to try something new.RV Resolutions 2019

        4. Make new friends

          Rvers are a friendly sort and we all know it.  It’s nothing to pull into an RV resort or campground and have someone stop by to check out your RV or ask to tour it. We’re all curious about what others’ RVs are like, how they’re laid out, etc.  Multiple times this year we toured others’ RVs, even at dump stations! (What else is there to do when you’re in line behind someone?)  So take the time to talk to your RV neighbors. Make friends.  Share a beer or dessert in the evening and find some common ground.  Who knows? You might make a friend for life.

        5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

          Your pull through spot is smaller than you thought and everything barely fits? Well, that’s good to know for next time, but for now just take a deep breath, do the best you can, and then try to let it go.  It’s rainy and cold on your first trip of the season? Still, you aren’t working and you aren’t at home with chores waiting.  You’re off on an adventure! Pull on your warm gear and go for a walk anyway.  Or make another cup of coffee and get started on that book you brought with you.  Have a conversation.  Your campground neighbor has a Bernie sticker and you just put on your MAGA hat? Well guess what? You’ve got something in common: you both enjoy RVing.  So walk over, smile and offer your neighbor a beer.  It’s RVing after all; it’s supposed to be fun and relaxing!


Here’s to an awesome 2019 of camping, RV tours, and new adventures! Enjoy!