The February issue of Trailer Life is out and boy is it filled with lots of great information on new trailer trends for 2019.  Their 52 New RVs for 2019 section highlights innovative changes to RVs across the board: from teardrops and other small campers to fifth-wheels.  Here’s a quick glance at new features and changes for trailers you’ll see on our lot this year:

First up on our list of 2019 RV Trends – Brighter colors both inside and out.  We began to notice this trend last year with our Rockwood GeoPro line. Their light interior colors make these 7′ wide trailers feel extra-spacious! Exterior colors are changing too and you’ll notice that when our new Cirrus 670 truck camper shows up on the lot! It’s already evident in our NuCamp [email protected] and [email protected] campers: we’ve got red ones, blue/green ones, and all sorts of other color combinations available too!

2019 RV Trends
Cirrus 920 Blue Color Option










2. Energy efficient lighting both inside and out is gracing our RVs these days.  In fact, in our recent R-Pod video we mention exactly that feature on the new 2019 R-Pods: LED lighting inside and out! When you’re boondocking and need every ounce of battery power you can get, being able to save some energy by utilizing LED lights is a great plus!

2019 RV Trends


3. Outlets, Chargers and Solar, OH MY! More and more ways to plug in, charge devices and gain power are on the way.  Most RVs today have a solar panel or come solar ready so that you can easily plug-in your solar panel at camp and keep your batteries charged.  In some 5th wheels the addition of pop-up power pedestals means outlets are out-of-sight when not in use, but easily accessible when you need them. More USB charging ports have been added too: usually located near your stereo or entertainment area, but also by the bed too.

Comfort and Storage

4. Comfort is truly reigning supreme in campers of all sizes these days; fifth wheels have added reclining chairs and larger TVs.  Travel Trailers and Truck Campers have added levels of luxury with additional storage, Corian countertops, and larger sinks with pot-filler faucets.

5. Speaking of storage…RV manufacturers are creating all sorts of ways to add extra storage.  From over-head cabinets in sleeping areas to full on pantries and coat closets in larger RVs, it seems there is no lack of storage options these days.  Netting is finding its way into more nooks and crannies, to help keep items from moving during travel, and every bit of possible storage space is being utilized. Under bed storage, under dinette storage, overhead storage, drawers, closets, pantries, pass-through storage, hidden storage…you name it!

Chaparral 392MBL Fifth Wheel
Pantry storage in the Chaparral 392MBL Fifth Wheel


6. Finally, RVs are getting WiFi boosters these days as well. This means it’s easier to stream your favorite show on a rainy day or work from the RV when you need to.

It seems that RV designers are more thoughtful in their RV designs. From the addition of exterior kitchens to new and brighter colors, 2019 RV trends seem to be all about making your camping trip even more comfortable!