2021 Camping season tips;

If 2020 showed us anything about camping, it’s that people see it as a safe alternative to hotels, plane trips, etc.  Consequently, more and more people have started exploring the camping world. What does this mean for you and your 2021 camping season?

First, it means you’ll need to plan in advance if you want to reserve a campsite. Gone are the days (at least for now) when you could book a site at Ridgway State Park for 2 days from now. In Colorado, you can book sites at State Parks and National Forest campgrounds that take reservations up to six months in advance, and we highly recommend that you do that! In Utah you can book four months in advance. Do that too.

2021 Camping SeasonFor backcountry camping and boondocking, be prepared with several backup plans. While in years past that “secret” spot of yours was always available, there’s a greater chance now that it won’t be. On a positive note, this will give you an opportunity to explore new areas!

Know that when you do find a campsite, whether a reserved one or backcountry one, there will be more people around. It won’t be as quiet and peaceful as in years past. If it is, that’s a huge bonus and you should enjoy it! Lower your expectations for a quiet weekend of solitude.

Camping is still wonderful and you can still have a great time! To find that peace and solitude, consider: taking long day hikes.  The further you get from the campground, the further you’ll get from people. Consider taking an early hike of at least 3 miles out (6 miles round trip) and go prepared with water, rain gear, food, etc. Take your time.

Hop on your ATV and head off down the least-traveled roads you can find. You’ll find your solace there too.  Kayaking or paddleboarding is another way to escape the crowds. Leave them behind on the shore and head off for an hour of blissful floating if you can.

One final thought: if you’re posting pics of your camping trips to Instagram, don’t tag the location. This will keep people from finding your favorite hidden spots.

Camping will always be fun and we’ll always be advocates for it! We’re just saying this year, camping might be a little different. We hope our 2021 camping season tips help you to find your bliss in the wilderness!