As two adults, our RV games differ from those of our friends with kids. We don’t have any versions of Candyland, but I do keep saying we need to add a deck of UNO cards! Who doesn’t love UNO? In any case, our favorite RV travel games for adults are ones that have their own containers and come in a “travel” or “mini” version. These take up less space and pieces don’t get lost!

“Travel” Scrabble

We play Scrabble on the nights when we aren’t exhausted. If we play in on nights when we ARE exhausted we end up spelling only three and four letter words! Scrabble is great if you and your partner are competitive with one another and enjoy the puzzle of spelling words with a lucky (or not) handful of tiles!  In our travel version, which zips closed, the entire container zips open to reveal a hinged board that folds flat. The tiles snap into place so they don’t slide around and roll under things. This also makes it an easy game to play on a plane or in a motorhome. (Please don’t play if you’re driving.)

RV Travel Games for adults

“Travel” Yahtzee

Like the Scrabble, the Yahtzee container zips open to reveal a Yahztee “board,” dice cup and 5 dice. Because the board is a recessed space your dice are contained; they don’t go flying all over when you “roll” them. Yahtzee is fun even for kids, as long as they’re old enough to add. This is a fun one to play with friends too!

“Travel” Backgammon

That’s right, THIRD travel game that unzips to reveal a magnetic backgammon board. For the strategy lovers backgammon can be a blast! For the rest of us it’s a game of “who can get there first.”

Finally, we also love to play cards. We have a sort of unique 7-card gin rummy game that we play and it’s fast and fun! It’s exciting to discover your competition’s tells. You know when they have a winning hand!

Summers in the mountains bring thunderstorms. Keep sane in your camper by having lots of fun games to play! Looking to upgrade your RV? See what’s for sale!