RV manufacturers are always looking to make improvements to their products. Like any company, they’re always striving for something better.  With the 2020 models of most brands arriving on the lots now, we’re excited for some new (and not so new) features.  Here are 5 RV features we’re loving right now:

  1. The new aluminum folding steps on the Rockwood trailers.  These steps are easier to put away or put down that the old steps and provide more stability for the trailers too. 2019 Rockwood 2612 Travel Trailer
  2. Solar prep! Most RVs these days are coming either equipped with solar panels (like some GeoPro models) or they’re “solar ready” meaning the wiring has been done for you and all you have to do is plug in a solar panel to start reaping the benefits of sunny days! Solar panels are a quiet option to generators though they don’t have quite the power that a generator does. It’s nice to see, though, that more manufacturers are seeing that customers want solar options and are providing them.
  3. Wifi-Ranger WiFi boosters: Though a wifi booster won’t help your cell signal if you’re in the middle of nowhere, it WILL help your wifi signal if you’re at the back of the KOA or other campground that provides Wifi.  This makes it easier for those full-timers, or part-timers, working on the road to get a bit of work done before heading out to play.
  4. LED lighting throughout – most RVs these days are using LED lighting. This is a great power-saving option plus LED lights will last a long time! The power saving features of LED means you can use your lights on battery power for much longer – they’re not sucking up a ton of juice every time they’re on.
  5. More “off-road” options – from the Rockwood ESP (extreme sports package) Tent Campers, NuCamp’s [email protected] Boondocks, and Springdale’s new Rugged Terrain line, more RV manufacturers are creating ways for people to take their RVs deeper into the backcountry.  With beefier wheels, racks for bikes and kayaks, and overslung axles, you’ll be able to truly take your RV off the beaten path!

Springdale Mini Travel Trailer