What could you possibly find that the RVer on your gift list doesn’t already have? They already have everything, or so it seems! How about a look at some hot and cool items for the avid RVer on your list! And maybe these will spark an interest in something new and fun for your camper or RV, too!  You can find most of these gifts in our parts store, but we’ve included some other links as well.


  1. Solar-powered flashlight or lantern. Use solar power, save on batteries! High-tech lights and lanterns have added features such as being waterproof and rechargeable. Check out these links: Solar flashlight at LLBean, solar collapsible lantern at REI, high visibility solar light at Home Depot, 400 lumens lantern with USB port or a crank-powered flashlight at Cabelas,
  1. More power from the sun! Keep your battery fully charged with a solar panel. Bob Scott’s has a large selection of sizes and formats to choose from – small 10W panels to high performance 100 to 150W large panels. Some are rigid, and some are flexible panels to form fit your RV configuration. Solar panels are sold at Bob Scotts.
  1. Space in an RV is at a premium. Anything that helps economize on space is great. Ultimate Nesting Kitchen offers attractive and functional gifts such as nesting bowls that allow the individual elements within each set to be stacked together, thereby occupying the absolute minimum amount of space! Get yours HERE!
  1. Picnic Clips. What are they? When your tablecloth doesn’t stay on the table and the wind whips it off if you don’t have rocks on the corners? That’s what Picnic Clips are for. Keep the cloth where it belongs! The clip has a weight on it and hangs down to keep the tablecloth in place. Some fun clips come in crazy shapes like a picnic basket, BBQ food, ants, Airstream replicas, animal shapes, you can find something to fit any personality! Picnic Clip ideas.
  1. Capture the trip and traveling experience in an RV journal! These are easy to find at any bookstore or stationery store. Some are just blank pages, others are days and calendar sections, some have sections for photos, or recipes and tracking expenses or recording trip stats. Sometimes you just want to remember when, where, and who. Or it can become a life story or journey. Lots of choices! Camping Journal, RV Journal, Zazzle Journals
  1. New to the RVing world? There are lots of book to read! Check out Barnes & Noble’s selection: The Complete RV Handbook, Living Aboard Your RV, Secrets of RVing on Social Security, RV Camping National Parks and lots more!
  1. OK, Tools. Where do we start? You need it all! But space is a factor! Check out this handy carrying case with all the essentials! Perfect Tool Bag.
  1. RV Attire for your pooch, that’s just for fun: “I love Camping”. An inexpensive stocking stuffer for under $8. Find on www.campingworld.com
  2. Camper Ceramic Cookie Jar: It is just darn cute–in the shape of a retro camper, the roof/top lifts off for storing cookies! Of course you will want to give this to your “best” cookie-baking friend! http://www.worldmarket.com
  3. What about a personalized carved rustic sign for your site? Add your name, some design flourishes, your hometown on a finished board and you’ve got a stylish sign to post on your site. On www.etsy.com $49.95.
  4. Welcome Mats. Personalized, or just for fun, RV camping style, whatever you want. There are plenty of options! Flagology.com, personalized door mats,
  1. Gift Certificates available for accessories and service at Bob Scott’s RV, Grand Junction. 970-245-2175 (sales) / 970-245-1305. Visit us online to learn more!