Teardrop Campers are all the rage these days, and for good reason; the benefits of a teardrop camper are outstanding! Teardrops, like the [email protected] and [email protected] lines we carry from NuCamp RV are great options for those looking to escape the cold dampness of a tent.

  1. Size and Weight:  Teardrops can be towed by much smaller vehicles than regular travel trailers. You can use a small SUV or Subaru Forester-type vehicle because [email protected] weigh as little as 1300 lbs fully loaded and [email protected] come in at just under 2000.  If you love your vehicle but are also sick of eating dinner in the rain, it’s time to consider a teardrop!
  2. Comfort: Of the many benefits of a teardrop camper, comfort is definitely one of the top ones! [email protected] have a kitchen and optional wet bath too! You’ve gone from your sleeping pad and a sleeping bag to a bed, dinette, kitchen and bathroom. Plus, trust us, even if you’re a die-hard tent camper, you’ll love having easy-to-access heat.
  3. Ease: Teardrops are easy to tow, easy to level, easy to pack up and easy to hook up!
  4. Style: These NuCamp [email protected] and [email protected] are super cute. Let’s face it, style matters and when you’ve got these beautiful rounded edges, color options like navy with green trim, and a great paint job, you know people are going to be envious of your new camper.
  5. It’s still camping! Remember, if you get a [email protected], you’ve still got an awesome outdoor kitchen at your fingertips. So you can enjoy that outdoor meal by cooking right from your [email protected] kitchen.  Eat outside if the weather is nice, but relax knowing that if it’s NOT you can step inside that cozy warm teardrop camper and enjoy your dinner there.

benefits of a teardrop camper