If you like to camp, and want to take along your ATVs, dirt bikes, dune buggies, snowmobiles, etc. you know that can be difficult! Trying to decide whether to triple-tow, load your toy into the truck (if it’ll fit) and then tow, or leave something at home is a struggle. Enter, the toy hauler! One of the biggest benefits of a toy hauler is just that: it hauls your toys.

Benefits of a Toy Hauler

Toy Haulers are meant for hauling large loads.  They make it easier for you to get where you want to go by freeing you from triple towing. You can utilize the space in the back of your truck for other items like coolers and tarps. So, now that we’ve stated the obvious benefit of a toy hauler, what are others?

  1. Toy Haulers have extra sleeping space. Most have a dedicated bed, but also have an electric bed that slides up and out of the way when you need the space for hauling. At night, when your ATV is parked outside, you can lower down your electric bed.  This is great for guests, like in-laws or kids.
  2. Toy Haulers have added deck space.  Many toy haulers, like this Rage’n 2614 are set up so you can use your ramp as added deck space.  What a great way to enjoy your campsite!
  3. Toy Haulers are spacious! Our Rage’n Toy Haulers have tons of room! They have big kitchens with plenty of cooking space, and also large living and dining areas, so the whole gang can hang out together.
  4. These campers come in a variety of styles: we have both travel trailer and fifth wheel toy haulers. No matter what type of trailer you’re looking for we’ve got you covered with several options! We even have tent campers capable of hauling (small) toys.
  5. Our Rage’n toy haulers come in at a variety of price points too.  One of the biggest benefits of these Toy Haulers is their affordability.  Imagine being able to camp, haul your toys, and have plenty of room to cook, hang out, and relax all starting at a $28,995 price point!

One of the biggest benefits of a toy hauler is that it allows you to take your toys with you easily when you camp. You won’t feel like you have to choose camping over ATVing when you’re towing a toy hauler!