To some RV newbies, fifth wheels are scary. Those big hitches in the backs of trucks seem daunting.  However, there are many benefits to fifth wheels.

First, fifth wheels provide users with lots of space. While there are some small fifth wheels suitable for a couple, most provide ample room for four with optional sleeping (dinettes, sofas, etc) too.  Most fifth wheels have bigger kitchens, some even with islands, so making a healthy dinner in the comfort of your RV is just that: comfortable! If you’re considering full-time RVing options, fifth wheels are great ones!

benefits of fifth wheels

This Rockwood Ultra Lite 2621WS Fifth Wheel is an example of one that offers lots of space and comfort.  You can see from the floor plan that many fifth wheels have room for a large bathroom, multiple places to sit, and a large living space too.

While towing a fifth wheel may seem daunting, many find it’s actually easier than towing a long travel trailer. Because several feet of the trailer is over the back of the truck, the center of gravity is more forward.  This means more stability and less chance for sway when you’re heading down the highway.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the amazing amount of storage offered in most fifth wheels. Many have huge “basement” storage options (as you can see in the floorplan above) plus lots of interior storage too. From overhead storage in the kitchen and bedroom to large pantries and wardrobes, you’ll find room for everything from your ski jacket to your favorite games.

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With fifth wheels you do give up some truck bed storage, but there are options available to mitigate that. Many have ladders for rooftop storage, plus there are many options these days for adding bike racks to your fifth wheels too!

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If you’re interested in learning more about fifth wheels, come see us! We’ll be happy to help you find the right RV for your family.