If you’re like many die-hard campers, you may roll your eyes at the idea of getting an RV.  “That’s not camping!” you say.  “Camping involves a tent and dirt and cooking over an open fire.”  Well, even we agree there’s something to be said for cooking over a campfire, or even for just having a campfire. However, we think there are many benefits of owning an RV.

TAB headerYour Family Situation

Before you had kids, tent camping was easy! Just you and the spouse setting up the tent, hanging out in it with a few cocktails if it rained, without many cares at all. However, now you have little ones and camping isn’t as easy as it once was. There’s potty training, talk of “being bored” when the weather doesn’t cooperate, and sometimes it’s just downright cold in a tent. One of the benefits of owning an RV is that you’ve got lots of ways to solve all those problems! You can potty-train on the road with an RV! Store games and coloring books for rainy days and turn on the heat when it gets cold. Teach your kids to enjoy camping and one day they’ll be the ones with tents enjoying the dirt and the campfire.


Don’t even pretend that you really enjoy being stuck in a tent when the weather is bad! Rain, wind, and cold are three great reasons to have an RV. Even a small RV, a teardrop, is a great option when the weather is bad. A warm and dry place to be makes camping so much better.

Storage and Cooking

Having a camper means having (usually) a refrigerator and being able to cook inside when you need to. Certainly cooking on a grill or over the fire is always a fun option, but if you enjoy your warm coffee with a hot toasted bagel, you might enjoy the benefits of cooking in your camper. This can be especially nice when it’s raining.  As for storage, you can take so much more with you when you have easy places to store it all! Campers allow that! Coffee pots or french presses, extra blankets, towels, everything (ok, leave the kitchen sink at home).

There are many many benefits to owning and RV and these three are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re ready to consider an RV or upgrade to a bigger one, come see us! We’d love to help!