If you’re new to RVing, you may be wondering what the benefits of a pop-up campers, or tent campers, are. Pop-up campers are just one type of camper that is available these days, along with travel trailers, fifth wheels, teardrops, truck campers and motorhomes. Each type of camper has pros and cons.  We believe there are many benefits of pop-up campers, especially for families and those on a budget.

First, pop-up campers come in two types: traditional campers with fold out canvas and fabric ends, where beds are located, and A-Frame hardsided pop-ups that look like an “A.”

Traditional Pop-Up Camper
A-Frame Pop-Up








Traditional Pop-Up campers are great for families. They always have beds on both ends, meaning you can easily sleep 4 (or even 5 if your kids are small) with room in the middle for sitting around the dinette and cooking.  A-Frame campers are probably better for couples, since they often only have room to sleep two.

Both types of pop-up campers are easy to tow and set up. Their lighter weight means they can be towed by vans or smaller SUVs and their low profile doesn’t impede your sightlines when driving. At camp it’s easy to quickly set up your pop-up camper so that you can get on with enjoying your time there.

Pop-up campers are often inexpensive. Our current selection of pop-up campers are all under $20,000 and start at just $15,995.  You can learn about all available options and features for a pop-up camper you wish to order here. 

These camping trailers make great options for first-time RVers because there isn’t as much of a learning curve. You will have a water tank for fresh water, but you don’t have to deal with learning about dumping black tanks, there aren’t any big learning curves for towing, etc. However, these campers can be limiting. They don’t come with a permanent shower or bathroom, though most do have an exterior shower and you can always use a cassette toilet for boondocking.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of pop-up campers, come see us! We’ll be happy to show you how these campers can be a game changer for you!