If you’re shopping for a new RV one question you may ask yourself is, “What are the Best RV appliances to have?” In particular you may be trying to decide what kitchen appliances are necessary for your style of RVing. Here are our suggestions and thoughts on the best RV appliances for a variety of camping situations:

Best RV appliancesFirst, most RV kitchens these days will come with the following (travel trailers, fifth wheels, etc):

  • A Microwave – almost all travel trailers and even higher-end truck campers come with microwaves these days. At first one of our own employees wasn’t sure how necessary that microwave was…until she wanted nachos! If your camper doesn’t come with a microwave it might be worth it to buy a small (college dorm size) one if you have a place for it to live.  Why? Lots of campers want a home-cooked meal, but don’t want to spend a ton of time in the camper kitchen or over the fire. With a microwave you can bring already prepared meals from home and just heat-and-eat! More time for playing!
  • A gas oven – many travel trailers and fifth wheels come with a standard gas oven. In our experience gas ovens in RVs do take longer to cook something than a traditional oven.  However, if you enjoy fresh cookies or biscuits during your camping trips, and the oven comes standard, you might as well keep it. Even if you don’t use it, it can make great extra storage!
  • A 2 or 3-way fridge. Of course a refrigerator is one of the best RV appliances to have! Depending on the size of your camper, you may have an almost full-sized refrigerator/freezer or you may have a small fridge with no freezer space. We suggest adding a well-insulated, dependable cooler for your drinks, apples, cheeses, etc. Save the inside fridge for your meats and items that really need to stay as cold as possible.

The Add-Ons

There are other after-market items that you might want to add to your kitchen, depending on how you camp. If you’re a weekend-warrior then the microwave, oven and fridge may be all you need.  However, if you tend to take week-long trips or are planning a cross-country journey, you may want to add some other options.

  • A convection oven, if you have the space for it, can be a great alternative. It cooks way faster than a conventional oven and you can do everything from roasting a chicken to baking a rhubarb crisp.
  • A food processor/blender is one of the best RV appliances you can add if you enjoy making your own smoothies and sauces.  A single-serve blender works great for this purpose and is easy to store too.
  • A crock-pot is a great option if you plan to be out playing all day and want a nice meal ready when you get back to camp. This obviously isn’t the best option if you have a motorhome or truck camper and can’t leave it hooked up to electricity all day.
  • Finally, a coffee maker or electric tea kettle is a must! When we’re hooked up to electric that little electric tea kettle is awesome! It heats water much faster than the stove. A coffee pot is a must for those who prefer coffee (unless you use a french press, in which case the electric tea kettle is still super handy.)

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