Getting a new RV is an exciting experience! Discovering all the fun new features, places to store items, and technological innovations is an adventure in itself. What better way to celebrate your new RV than with a camper-warming party? We’ve got a few ideas to help you truly start your new RV experience with a bang!

2205 Mini Lite

First, set a date and time for your camper-warming party. Depending on the time of year, your party might include RV tours and then a return to the comfort and warmth of your house.  However, if you’re planning your camper-warming party during warmer months, consider pulling out the propane fire pit and having the party at the RV itself!

Now that you’ve got a date in mind, get that RV ready to show off! Add any features (solar panel, wall hangings, etc.) you want before the big day.  If you’re having your party at the RV then get the fridge cooled down and drinks chilled a day or two ahead of time. Grab all the camp chairs to set up the day of the party and make sure the RV is plugged in so that you can show off ALL the features.

celebrate your new RV

Pratice with any tricky areas (putting the murphy bed up and down, or extending the slides) before anyone arrives.  Consider the fact that some may choose to actually sit inside the RV during the party and make sure you’ve got the RV stable and secure.

Finally, take the time to add some extra-homey touches for your tour like scented candles, twinkly lights and music.

We hope you are able to take the time and truly celebrate becoming a new RV owner! Having a party to show off your new adventure mobile can also be a great way to get your friends interested in purchasing a new RV too!

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