Choosing the right RV floor plan can be a daunting task. These days it’s probably a little easier because there aren’t as many to choose from on most lots! Manufacturers were closed during the early stages of the COVID crisis, like everything else.  That means getting new RVs has been tricky.  However, there ARE RVs to be had, and knowing what you want before you even start looking can be helpful.

First, you’ve got to decide on the type of RV you want: travel trailer, fifth wheel, truck camper, pop-up, etc. You can learn more about these different types here.

For our blog today on choosing the right RV floor plan, we are focusing on Travel Trailers because they make up the largest and most popular group of trailers out there. Even so, the information here can be useful for ALL RV shoppers.

The biggest differences in RV Travel Trailer floorplans are: bathrooms, beds, and dinettes.

rPOD 171
This R-Pod 171 features an east/west bed and a wet bath. It is 18’4″ long.


Let’s start with the 2 types of bathrooms you’re likely to encounter: a wet bath or a full bath. A wet bath is just that: a room where everything can get wet. These bathrooms do have a toilet and shower and some have a fold-down sink available as well. The drain is in the middle of the floor so, when you shower, everything in the bathroom gets wet.  One major benefit of a wet bath is that it takes up much less space than a traditional bathroom. This space then gets utilized by camping manufacturers for storage, a bigger dinette, etc.  While you may at first think that a wet bath is a no-go, they’re actually perfectly fine!

Full baths have a separate shower and toilet area and look more like a small version of your bathroom at home.  If you’re traveling with kids these baths are better because they have a separate toilet and shower area.  Often there will even be a small bathtub.  It’s much easier for you to help a child with a bath and not get as wet in a full bath vs a wet bath. In fact, it would be difficult for 2 people to ever share a wet bath!


The biggest issue some people seem to have when choosing an RV floor plan is the bed.  Many are sure they do not want an east/west bed because someone will have to crawl over someone else to get out. This is, sometimes, the case. However, many manufacturers like Springdale are making it so that the inside person is able to exit the bed at the end of it, so as not to crawl over anyone else. East/west beds are useful because, like wet baths, they take up less space overall in your camper. So if you’re looking for a small travel trailer you probably will want to consider either a wet bath or an east/west bed, or both.

A north/south bed is what most people looking for RVs desire. These often have storage on either side of the bed, with “nightstands” available as well. You can exit either side of the bed as you would at home, and they are definitely easier to make up in the mornings. However, these are going to add a few feet to the length of your RV.

A third option that many RV dealers are offering now is a Murphy bed. This north/south bed pushes up and is secured to the wall during the day, allowing for the use of a couch that is folded down and hidden when the bed is in use. Still, the amount of space needed remains the same and the north/south murphy bed will still make your trailer a little longer.

the right RV floor plan 202qbwe floorplan
This Springdale 202QBWE travel trailer features a north/south bed, rear dinette, and full bath. It is 27′ long.


For many, the dinette is the most important consideration when choosing the right RV floor plan. Rear dinettes often provide enough space for up to 6 people to sit.  These also have big windows that let in lots of light.  It’s easy to get comfortable in these larger dinettes.

For many RVs, a small 2-4 person dinette in the middle of the floor plan is the best option. This usually happens when the ends of the camper are taken up by a bathroom and a bed, or even a bathroom and bunks on one end, and a bed on the other.

Make sure that whatever dinette option you choose, it’s right for you. If you enjoy spending a lot of time sitting with a book and your coffee at your dinette, you might want a larger one. If you mostly eat outside anyway when you’re camping, that might not be as important.

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