Cirrus Truck CamperNuCamp truck campers are quickly gaining a reputation as the highest quality, luxury campers of their kind anywhere in America, and nuCamp customers have fast become some of the most enthusiastic RV enthusiasts on the American roadways.

Truck Camper Magazine reviewed the 2017 Cirrus 820, a short-bed, hard side, non-slide, wet bath truck camper.  It’s premise was: “Do state-of-the-art appliances, cutting-edge materials, and industry-leading modern design add up to a practical truck camper ready for the real world?”

Scott Hubble, CEO for NuCamp made a bold statement: “From the beginning, we have approached the Cirrus truck camper line as a high-end product.  Everything about this camper from the materials, to the appliances, to the fit and finish is top of the line.  We did not cut corners.”

“We will bring a unique flair, design, and a level of quality that’s not currently available in the truck camper market,” he added. “The Alde system replaces both a traditional RV furnace and hot water heater, and works better, with significantly better efficiency, than those appliances.”

The difference is a variety of top-notch systems and materials that are incorporated into the Cirrus Truck Camper. The combination of: ALDE hydronic heating system for more efficiency; INFINITY flooring for durability and ease of cleaning; and the FROLI sleep system an “articulated air-flow surface” that adapts to your body shape for better comfort and pressure relief are some of the high-quality features that are not found in any other brand of truck camper.

Other features:

  • Tinted Stargazer Window
  • 2 Burner Glass Top Stove
  • Swinging Built-In TV Cabinet
  • Queen Bed
  • Ambient Lit Backsplash
  • Fold Out Vanity Sink
  • Four Seasons Camper
  • Froli Sleep System
  • Keyless Entry
  • Mink Interior
  • Samsung Microwave

The Cirrus Truck Camper stands in a class of its own as the most comfortable, luxurious, and well-appointed truck camper on the RV market.  Before purchasing another truck camper, we dare you to see one for yourself.  Contact Bob Scott’s RV today and join the revolution!

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