Now that the end of camping season is nigh, for those of us in Colorado anyway, it’s time to review some end of season camper maintenance.  We’ve got 5 fall and winter RV maintenance tips for you. 2021 Camping Season


  1. Get Winterized. If you aren’t going to winterize the camper yourself, at least drain all the water out before the first freeze.  Then schedule a maintenance appointment with your local dealer to get winterized .
  2. Give your RV a thorough cleaning, inside and out.  You’ll feel much better opening up your camper next spring if you’ve cleaned it first. Make sure to open the fridge so it airs out too.
  3. Check for any leaks or damage to your RV and make any necessary repairs. When you schedule your maintenance winterization appointment, make sure to ask us to also look for any other issues we see with your RV.
  4. Check your tires and wiring to be sure nothing is amiss.
  5. Make a list of possible upgrades and things you need before the start of next camping season.  These might include: a new sewer hose, new gloves for the dump station, new pots/pans, replace spices, etc.

And finally, aving an RV cover is also a great finishing touch when it comes to storing your RV for the winter. As a finale to your end of season camper maintenance, make sure the windows are closed and the door is locked.  Secure your waterproof RV Cover and head inside to warm up knowing that your RV is safe and sound.  Need a better and more secure place to store your RV? Check out our boat and Rv storage information.

Is it time for an upgrade? We’ve got a great selection of travel trailers and teardrops on the lot! Come out and see us in Grand Junction and take a tour!