Ah summer… Summer is the time when icy cold lakes feel amazing, when ocean breezes are at their best, and when campfires are only for toasting marshmallows.  It’s also a popular time for campers because it’s warmer and everyone (including the kids) has time off.  Everyone loves summer travel! However, we believe there’s much to be said about fall travel too.  In fact, we’ve got 10 reasons why fall is the best time of year to camp.Fall is the best time to camp


  1. The leaves are turning and they’re gorgeous! From orange and red maples to yellow oaks and aspens, fall is a beautiful time to be in the mountains.

  2. Apples, apple cider, more apples, hard cider: everywhere you turn in the mountains in fall there are opportunities for sampling all things apple. Any time you’re camping this fall make sure to find the nearest small town! You’ll find festivals, crafts, and a true sense of place for wherever you’re visiting.

  3. Cooler temperatures: fires add warmth to a chilly evening at camp and, after a hot summer, it’s nice to need that extra flannel shirt. Plus sleeping when it’s a bit chilly is the best!

  4. Lower prices: for some areas, seasonal price changes begin in fall, especially around October and early November. This can mean savings for you at popular campgrounds.

  5. Spontaneity: because not as many people travel this time of year, you are more likely to find a campsite even if you didn’t make reservations 6 months in advance.

  6. National Parks: Fall is a great time to check out national parks because they too are less-crowded this time of year. Now that the kids are back in school and it’s getting colder, there aren’t as many tourists flocking to Yosemite or Yellowstone.

  7. Boondocking: With cooler temps comes less of a need for the A/C, which means you can boondock more often! If you’re constantly yearning for electric in the summer so you can run the air conditioning, you’ll be glad for a brisker day that doesn’t require it! BONUS: Like #5, you’ll find more available boondock sites in the fall too.

  8. Quiet hours: Less traffic in campgrounds also means it’s quieter. There’s something awesome about the sounds of fellow campers having a great time.  Yet, there is something equally appealing about a quiet morning, with few people around, to drink your coffee and reflect.

  9. Nature: All that quiet means you’re more likely to see deer or elk moving about too. We’ve seen foxes come right through camp in Crested Butte when it’s quiet!

  10. Soup for dinner! Finally! It’s time for your favorite camp chili recipe and dutch-oven cornbread for dinner! No more making sandwiches because it’s too hot to cook in the camper; fall is here and we’re ready!

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