If you’ve been a long-time tent camper, you may think there is no better way to enjoy the outdoors. in some ways, you’re right. Tent camping puts you much closer to the elements of the earth, the smells of a forest, and the stars than anything else. However, there is much to be said for having even a small RV.  Check out our five reasons to consider an RV below.

Reasons to consider an RVWeather

Probably the biggest reason to consider an RV is inclement weather. When it’s warm out and the days are sunny, tent camping is great! However, if it rains all day and you come back to a soaking wet tent, no one is happy. Even worse, what if you’re stuck in the tent all day long? An RV can provide warmth and better shelter from the rain or snow than a tent. Plus, with kids, rainy days can be more manageable. (See below for more on that!)


The best sleeping pad and warm sleeping bag in the world can’t compare (in our opinion) to a mattress and walls, even when we’re camping. Want to still feel connected to nature? Consider a pop-up or hybrid camper.  Both offer great options for a place to get out of the rain but still have some comforts of home.


Sure, kids love tent camping! It’s such an adventure for them! But when the weather turns cold or rainy, it can be nice to have a dry warm space to play board games or color. Not only does an RV provide that, but it also provides options for getting clean after a long day of swimming or playing in the dirt. Even just having warm water right at camp to wash faces with is nice!


Not all RVs are equal and some are hard to set up and take down. Still, the ease of backing into a camp site and calling it good is still better than setting up a tent in the wind. Yes, RVs take some getting used to.  You may find you prefer to always find pull through sites to make life EVEN easier! Still, we think once you find the right RV for you, and ask yourself this important question, you’ll make the switch!