Forest River’s R-Pod line provides a great design, both inside and out, with easy towing and large holding tanks. The R-Pod design includes a seamless, one-piece fiberglass roof. This helps to prevent leaks and is the strongest in its class.

We love the R-Pod line not just because of its fiberglass exterior and unique shape, but also because of the many features that it offers.  The R-Pod comes standard with a 3.7 cubic foot 3-way refrigerator. It will run on gas, electric, and even battery power when necessary.  In addition, R-Pods are made with Azdel® Exterior Construction. This construction provides water resistance and has 2x the insulation value of wood. Azdel construction

Forest River R-Pods also now have great optional features like a Thule awning with LED lights. They have the lowest tow weight in their class and they also have large holding tanks. That means you can camp longer without having to empty your tanks! It’s a great feeling to know you can head into the wilderness without worrying about your tanks or fresh water for several days.

New for 2021 is the R-Pod 202 floorplan, seen here.  At 25′ long, it’s the longest R-Pod currently available and includes a dinette slide, queen bed with storage, huge kitchen, full bath, pantry and entertainment center. All that comes with a GVWR of only 6,485 lbs! If you’re looking for something smaller, the R-Pod 171 is only 18′ long and has a GVWR of just 3,252.

AND, all Forest River R-Pods are now pet friendly! They all come with pet bowls, outside leash connections, and outdoor showers for those days when your pup finds a great mud puddle to play in!

Finally, R-Pod’s available Solar Option includes 110W Solar Panel, Digital Controller and 1000 Watt Inverter

We’ve got a great selection of 2021 R-Pods on the way! You can check them out here or visit the Forest River website to learn more about the different models available.