If you’re considering an RV you may think that that means giving up some “rugged” or “fun” things about camping, like making coffee over the fire or watching the moon rise while eating a s’more. That doesn’t have to change! Having an RV means if it’s raining, you aren’t stuck in your tent. It means if it’s much colder than you thought it would be, you have heat.  It doesn’t mean you have to give up that outdoor time or stop enjoying the great campsite you’ve found. In fact, we think having an RV can add to your campsite experience.  Read on for ideas on how to make your campsite awesome!

  1. One way to make your campsite awesome is to get yourself an RV mat that reflects your personality. You can find several here in our online store. Having an RV mat outside means you can slip off your shoes and really relax! What’s more awesome than that?
  2. Add lights! What’s more fun than twinkling lights, or a string of these cactus lights to add whimsy to your campsite? Lights will set your site apart from all the others around you is a great example of how to make your campsite awesome.
  3. Add something unique! This could be anything from flamingos by the driveway, a gnome, or even a hummingbird feeder.  We’ve seen others who add hanging planters to their site as well, especially if they’re staying at a site for a week or more.
  4. Yard games also make a great addition to any campsite. Even if you don’t have a ton of storage space for your RV, you can add Kube or Bocce Ball as a way to make sure you’re making the most of your campsite.
  5. Change the colors of your campfire! Here’s an exciting way to make your campfire totally unique.  We don’t recommend that you roast your s’mores over the fire if you’re adding chemicals to it to change the colors of it, so you’ll have to make a choice there…colored fire or roasted marshmallows!

Bonus: Whether you’re tent camping or RVing, s’mores make every campsite awesome! If you’re looking for a twist on the classic s’more, try these options.

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