These days people are traveling year round. With more Americans homeschooling kids and working remotely, camping all year long is easy. Still, if you’re new the camping world, you may have questions about how to winter rv. We’ve got some answers for you.

Mt Garfield Winter

How to Winter RV: What about my water system?

If you have a 4-season camper you may be able to use your water system on a winter trip.  Assuming you are somewhere with shore power you’ll be able to stay “plugged in” all the time and can keep the heat running to ensure your pipes don’t freeze.

DON’T have a 4-season camper? Then you should dry camp. Take containers of water with you and use public facilities at the campground.

How to Winter RV: What sort of heat should I use?

Unless your RV is very old or homemade, it should come with a heating system. Most of these use a little bit of battery power for the blower and propane for the heat. Many have a thermostat as well.  Still, RVs aren’t the most insulated rigs around. Add foam board along the walls.  Yoga mats or area rugs can be added to help insulate the floor. Check with our parts and service department for insulated covers for your windows. If you have shore power you can also add a small eletric heater. Often these are powerful enough to warm up a 20′ RV in no time!

How to Winter RV: What winter activities should we do?

Winter activities will vary by area. In Grand Junction, winter activities include skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Often you’ll be able to camp near hiking trails or in historic locations. If so,  you’ve got plenty of sight seeing to do! Snow shoeing is a great intro-to-winter sport. You’ll need appropriate winter clothes, sturdy winter shoes, and show shoes. That’s it.

Stargazing, if you can stand the cold, is also a great winter activity. For photographers winter nights can provide beautiful images.

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