Now that you’ve purchased your new RV you may be looking for ways to keep everything organized. If you’ve purchased a large fifth wheel or travel trailer this may not be an issue for you, but if you’ve purchased a smaller travel trailer, like an R-Pod or teardrop, or a truck camper, you may be looking for ways to make use of every possible storage option.  How can you do that? We’ve got a list here of some unique ideas for organizing your RV.

  1. Think outside the box. We recently saw a post about a couple who purchased those over-the-door plastic shoe holders and used them all over their truck camper. They cut them into smaller sections of 3-4 little pockets.  You can use velcro or other means to adhere them to the inside of a door, on an empty wall, etc. They’re great for storing just about everything. If you’d prefer to keep the shoe storage rack intact, consider putting it on the back of the bathroom door.
  2. Use all the space.  Is there a wall that’s empty above your bed? Consider adding netting to hold your Kindle, headlamp, magazines, etc. Is there an odd bit of empty space in the bathroom? Measure it and see if you can find a box, basket, or canvas storage box to go there. ANY way to add a place to put things is useful!
  3. Add drawers and shelves.  If you’ve got a large space under your bathroom sink, or cabinets above the stove, consider adding shelves or plastic storage drawers and bins. Having a large open space is great if you need to store pots and pans, but if you need more space for utensils, cutting boards, etc., adding drawer space or vertical shelving can be useful too.
  4. Use the backs of all the doors. Hang potholders on the back of a kitchen cabinet door; get cutting boards with holes for hanging too. Use small baskets that hang on the inside of cabinets with suction cups to organize bathroom items like floss, toothpaste, etc. In fact, these can go anywhere!
  5. Keep the counters clean – ideas like this one, for hanging fruit, keeps it off the counter. The less clutter you have on your counters, your tables, etc., the better.

ideas for organizing your RV

6. Magnets are your friend! They’re great for organizing your spices, your knives, items like bottle openers, and more! You can create your own magnet areas by purchasing magnets at a craft store, or you can buy magnetic knife strips to use for a variety of purposes.

7. You can never have enough hooks. We’ve mentioned hooks before as part of your RV organization, but these little guys can’t be stressed enough. Hooks are SO useful. You can hang bags for recycling, hats, jackets, purses, towels, pot holders, pots and pans, mesh bags for vegetables or fruits…the possibilities are endless!

What other ideas for organizing your RV do you have? We’d love to hear them!