When natural disasters strike, they can affect so much, from people’s homes and livlihoods to vacation and tourism plans. If you end up with last minute camping changes due to a disaster like flooding, wildfires, or tornadoes, what can you do? We’ve got ideas for you.

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Start doing your research. You’ve already got the days off, so you might as well still go somewhere! Look over a map of your state, google “lesser visited parks” or “hidden camping spots” for ideas. You may be surprised at what you find! Even if you only look a few hours away from home, at an entirely different landscape (mountains vs Lake Powell, rivers vs a reservoir), you can find something amazing.

For instance, let’s say I planned to go to Steamboat for a week-long getaway, but wildfires near there sort of put a damper on that idea. I might start looking west, where the smoke from that wildfire won’t drift. Perhaps Dinosaur National Monument and the camping near Flaming Gorge is a better option? Maybe even down around Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah? If you want mountains, you can still consider going the other direction, towards Salida, perhaps. There are always options if you’re willing to put in a little time and research.

Manage Expectations

Obviously you’re now looking at a different trip, so everyone’s expectations should shift. Maybe you’re traveling somewhere brand new instead of to a comforting and familiar place. Have a family meeting if you need to, discuss the new plan, and get everyone on board. Remind THEM that you’re all on an adventure together!

Ask for ideas

Now that you’ve picked a place, or at least decided to pick a new place, ask for ideas. Along with doing your own research, get some ideas from yoru friends and family about your last minute camping changes. Perhaps they’ve got some places in mind that you might enjoy with your family.

Think Outside the Box

What if it’s prime camping season and man…you just can’t find ANYTHING to replace your big trip with? Consider the following options.

  • Plan long day trips.  Take some long adventures, whether those include long day hikes with lots of stopping to rest and explore, for example.
  • Plan a few 2-3 day trips. Maybe you’d planned to be gone two weeks, but now you’ve discovered that two 4-day trips, with a rest day or two in between, will work better.
  • Plan a road trip! When all else fails and you can find a campsite with multiple nights available, plan a road trip! Hit the road with the family and stop at a new destination every day!

Natural disasters don’t have to ruin your vacation. We hope our tips for last minute camping changes is helpful to you. If your plans are getting derailed because of an RV service issue, call us! Our team can help! (970) 245-1305.