The debate over lithium batteries vs lead acid batteries for your RV probably isn’t going to end any time soon. There are pros to each and downsides (though the downsides with lithium are few).  Understanding the benefits of lithium batteries can make deciding between those and lead acid batteries much simpler.


Lithium batteries are maintenance free. Period. Lead acid batteries often require adding water, cleaning off corrosion, etc. Lead acid batteries also will freeze.  Lithium batteries don’t freeze either! So, no maintenance, no freezing.


Another plus for lithium batteries in the “lithium batteries vs lead acid batteries for your rv” debate is their efficiency.  They charge faster; they aren’t at risk of over-heating like lead acid batteries. Not only do they charge faster, but the amount of energy available is more.  If you charge a lead acid battery to 100%, about 80-85% of that is available for power. With lithium batteries, 95% (or 950 watts of power) is available! Related to that, when you discharge a lead acid battery, you risk damaging it if its depth of discharge goes below 50%. You can discharge a lithium battery down to 80% and it will still re-charge just fine, with no damage!

Life Span:

Lithium batteries last longer. Most claim at least a 5,000 cycle life span, with some, like the Expion 360, claiming a whopping 16,000 cycle life! Most lead acid batteries will last for around 400 cycles (discharging and recharging = 1 cycle).


Lithium batteries are more expensive than lead acid batteries; that’s their one con. However, because they last 6-10x longer than lead acid batteries, in the long run the investment is well worth it and you’ll come out ahead. An up-front cost that will lead to savings both in cash and in less worry and maintenance? That sounds like a good investment to us!

The Expion 360:


At Bob Scott Rvs we stock the Expion 360 Lithium Battery.

The EXPION360 VPR PowerMod battery  is the industry’s premier lithium battery for RV and Off Grid Use!

  • Capacity (Industry Leading)

    • 120AH​

    • Group 24

    • 32lbs

  • Battery Health Indicator Light​
  • Only Serviceable Battery Management System (BMS) in the industry!
  • 65% lighter power to weight ratio
  • High Current Output
  • Eliminates the frustration of dead batteries
  • No voltage sag
  • 98% energy efficient
  • LED Monitor
  • High Temperature Protection

If you’d like to know more about lithium batteries and the Expion 360 batteries that we stock, contact us!