We’ve all been there: that quiet camping weekend you had planned goes out the window when you see the “campground full” sign. You’re grateful you have a reservation, but you know…you KNOW it’s gonna be busy and probably loud! So what do you do? We’ve got some tips for making the best of a busy campground.

Get Out Early

Most campers with kids will be slow to get going in the mornings.  This is, at least, our experience camping. We’ve watched many families not leave the campground for the day’s activities before 11.  So, if you can, get out ahead of the crowd and THEN…

RV Winter MaintenanceCome Back Early

Yes, you read tht right. Come back early. The families will still be out on the water or the bike trails.  From about 1 pm until 4pm is often quiet and peaceful in even the busiest campgrounds.

Pack a noise machine or download a white noise app

If the campground is really busy you might hear more talking and laughing right up to quiet hours. If you like to turn in early, use a white noise app or machine to muffle the outside world.

Remember that every day will be different.

Campers come and go and, even if you’re hanging out in one spot, not everyone will be. So know that those loud neighbors from last night might be heading home this morning! If things get too loud be sure and let your camp host know.

Use facilities at odd times

If you can shower after your activities, at one or two in the afternoon, you’ll most likely have it to yourself. You can even pick the “best” shower! More people are showering early in the morning or later in the evening, before bed. Being able to go midday means you can avoid the lines and have a fresh shower solo!

Making the best of a busy campground
Two friends are sitting around a campfire and just relaxing

Join in!

Most of the people being loud are just having fun. They really aren’t trying to ruin your weekend! Kids are biking and squealing, parents are laughing and joking and it’s all in good fun. Maybe tonight is the night for making the best of a busy campground by throwing another log in the firepit and waiting for the stars to come out. 


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