Many of us grow up true “tent campers.” As kids we’d head out to the lake or the mountains with the family, mom and dad would set up the giant tent, and we’d all take off running to play in the water, explore the woods, and find wood for a campfire. If there were rainy nights or cold nights we’ve forgotten about them by now, right? And yet, for some people, those memories of flooded tents, freezing cold nights, bugs, etc., are still there. While they love the idea of camping, being a tent has gotten old. Having to make coffee while it’s drizzling on me has gotten old. Not being able to camp in March in Moab because, well, it’s just too cold in a tent, has gotten old.

The solution? Make the upgrade! There will be a part of you that thinks, “I’m a wuss. I’m giving in! This isn’t roughing it!” But the first time you’re camping and a storm comes and you’re nice and cozy sitting at your dinette playing Yahtzee while others are scrambling to get in their tents and zip them up, you’ll forget all that stuff.  Here are ten things that will happen when you make the transition from tent camping to trailer camping.

We all think THIS is what camping will be like every time.
Tent Camping Fail
These are the tent camping moments that will send you to the RV dealership.










  1. You’ll go camping all the time! Camping will be so much easier with a trailer that you’ll plan trips every month that you can.  You just load everything in the fridge, pack your bags, hook up and go!  You took 10 camping trips with a tent last year? You’ll take 20 this year with a trailer.
  2. You’ll eat better and healthier foods. It’s so much easier to pack veggies for a quick salad or fruit for a smoothie (if you have electrical hookups) with a camper. You’ll have access to an oven in some trailers, which means pizza! Camping pizza! Without the fear of everything falling in the campfire, you can make your favorite curry or soup too.
  3. You’ll sleep better.  The sounds of your neighboring campers will be dampened by your trailer’s walls and your Serta mattress will be much more comfortable than your sleeping pad was.  Cold? Turn on the heat!
  4. You’ll camp during the shoulder seasons.  This was the biggest change for us and one we were happiest about.  Instead of thinking, ‘Well it’s late October…too late for camping,” we think, “The crowds have died down! Let’s go camping!”
  5. You’ll be more relaxed. Having to fret about rain, cold, snow,  and wind on a camping trip can take the fun out of it, especially if you’re traveling with kids.  With a trailer those aren’t big concerns anymore! If it’s raining the kids can sit inside and play games while you sit under your awning and watch wet stuff fall from the sky. If it’s cold you can turn on the heater.
  6. You’ll discover great state parks. We’ve discovered some awesome state parks on our journey to find good camping spots.  Places with hookups and some without have endeared us with their striking mountain views, lakes, and amenities. Many parks these days have hiking trails, paddleboard rentals, and even little free libraries.
  7. You’ll start planning your camping trips in January.  Once you have a trailer and want to camp more, you’ll try to get the jump on people by planning your trips as far in advance as possible.  Who could blame you? You want that great site at One Mile campground in Crested Butte! Just FYI: you can make reservations 6 months in advance at National Forest Service campgrounds and State Parks in Colorado.  In Utah it’s 4 months.
  8. You’ll chat more with other campers.  RVers love to chat with each other.  Questions like ‘What’s the weight rating for that?” or “Who makes that trailer?” will become common. You’ll wander the campground in the evenings pointing out good and bad things about others’ campers too.
  9. You’ll realize that the dump station is no big deal. It seems gross. It even SOUNDS gross. Dump station. Really? But it’s actually not that bad and in fact, dump stations are a great place to refill your fresh water if you’re on a long trip.  Use an app like RV Dump Stations to find information on dump stations around the country.
  10. You’ll regret not getting a trailer sooner. There’s something to be said for tent camping.  I still enjoy backpacking to beautiful spots miles and miles from any roads.  Still, I regret not getting a trailer sooner because it’s added so much freedom to our camping life! Weather just isn’t a factor anymore.  Sleep is better, food is better, and we just enjoy the whole experience so much more.

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