The question of New RV or Used RV certainly isn’t a new one. It’s similar to the question of buying a new car vs a used car. There are quite a few reasons to ask yourself which you want: financial, aesthetic, rv types, and technological aspects.


You don’t need us to tell you that new campers are often more expensive than used ones. Cost is definitely a factor for most people. However, don’t assume that a used trailer is going to be the cheapest option for you. There are plenty of new trailers, like the Springdale Minis, that are often priced lower than some used RVs we have on the lot. The size and type of RV and optional features also play into the cost.

New RV vs Used RV Springdale 1760Aesthetics

When considering a New or Used setup, you’ll also want to consider the aesthetics of the camper itself. You’re going to be living in it for multiple weekends, if not weeks, a year, so it should look and feel how you want it to. Many older used campers have a much different design feel than newer, modern ones. The furniture styles are different, fabrics are different, etc. You may have thought you wanted a new trailer, but then find an older one that suits your style perfectly.

RV Types

The type of trailer you want absolutely plays a role in determining if you’ll buy a new or used RV. If you have a very specific camper or motorhome in mind, you may have to opt for a used RV to find it. Some older RVs don’t have the features that many newer ones do, like enclosed underbellies. So if that’s a concern to you, you’ll obviously have to opt for a newer model.

American Star Fifth WheelTech

Finally, if options like wifi rangers and solar panels are important to you, you’ll have to consider that when deciding between a New or Used RV. Many older campers don’t come with solar ready wiring, bluetooth stereos, tvs, or wifi rangers. Maybe that doesn’t matter to you. But if it does, and if it’s crucial for your job or lifestyle to have those amenities when you’re camping, a new rig is probably the best bet for you.

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