Here at Bob Scott RV, we often tell people to “buy your last RV first.” We know that often, what you think you want, and what you actually need/want/will use are two different things. In fact, our sales manager said this exact thing to me five or six years ago. Fast-forward through 3 RVs and a renovation later and I wish we’d listened! It’s not that anything was wrong with the RVs we purchased. Each one had great qualities and reasons we chose it. In the end, though, you realize what’s important to you in a camper and what isn’t. Maybe that’s why we all go through the process of upgrading, downgrading, etc.  It takes time, just like with a home purchase or car purchase, to find just the right fit. With that in mind, we’ve developed a list of questions to ask before purchasing an RV.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an RV Carbon Fifth Wheel

  1. How do you plan to use your RV? With the popularity of #vanlife these days, and full time RVing, people’s reasons for using RVs are different than they were even ten years ago. Then most everyone was using an RV for camping on the weekends or taking road trips. Whatever your plans for your RV, knowing that ahead of time and shopping with those plans in mind will be crucial.
  2. What is most important to you in your RV? Is it having a big dinette to work at? Is it 100% the large bathroom? A kitchen that allows you to cook gourmet meals while on the road? This is another important question to consider and the answer is different for everyone. Your #1 priority might be having a warm, hard-sided place to sleep far out in the backcountry. If that’s the case, knowing that NOW will help you start your RV life with the right camper.
  3. How much effort do you want to put in to camping? This may sound like an odd question, but think of it this way: each RV requires a different amount of skill level and effort. A pop-up camper will require a little more work when you arrive at camp than a travel trailer or a truck camper. BUT towing a pop-up camper is much easier than towing a fifth-wheel or travel trailer.
  4. What’s your budget? Obviously this will play into the type of camper you end up with, BUT it may just mean getting a used one instead of a brand new one.  If you know you really want a truck camper but you can’t afford a new one, consider a used one! The bonus is that you’ll be able to make small upgrades along the way to truly make it your own.

There are probably 100 more questions to ask before purchasing an RV, but we think these four are a good place to start.

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