At the end of every RV trip comes the moment when you have to decide: does the RV need cleaning? Chances are it does! If you and the family have been traipsing in and out time and again, the floor is dirty. If you’ve taken showers in it, especially after activities like biking or boating, the shower is probably grimy too. So, here are some quick RV cleaning tips that will help you get motivated to clean it AND that won’t take much time.

Quick RV cleaning tipsFirst, keep a small broom and dust pan in the camper at all times. This is the easiest way to get rid of the dirt and leaves that can get tracked in. If you have a truck camper or pop up, you might consider just a hand-held brush/broom and dustpan. It will take up less space.

Another good option, especially for mopping, is a “mop” with removable wet pads for cleaning your floors. You know the one we mean! These are really great for campers because they don’t take up much space, don’t require a bucket of water, and they get the dirt off the floors.

If your RV has carpet, the amount of carpet may determine what you use for cleaning it. If you have a very small amount of carpet, a dustbuster might work great! Otherwise, if the pile is low, you might consider a carpet sweeper. If neither of those will work, find a low-profile, inexpensive vacuum to use. This will end up being less of a pain than dragging your household vacuum outside to use in the RV.

For small showers and kitchens we recommend using your favorite brand of cleaning wipes. Again, they don’t take up much space and they work great for wiping out the tub, the sink, the toilet, etc. The added benefit of this (if you’re cleaning while camping) is that you don’t have to waste any water washing off chemicals.

For the exterior, you can plan to wash your dirty RV just like you’d wash a car.  Just make sure to choose a bay at the car wash with high enough clearance! If you’re washing it at home you’ll want an extendable scrub brush. Be sure all windows and vents are fully closed before you start spraying water everywhere!

For other parts of your RV, like the awning, make sure that it gets a chance to dry out.  If you don’t have time before the end of your trip, when you get home extend the awning so that it can dry there. This will prevent mildew.

Quick RV cleaning tips can help you get the job done so that you can get back to having fun! If you need more help with ideas for cleaning your camper, stop by our parts and service center . We’ve got all sorts of accessories and items to make camping even better!