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Rockwood Pop Ups

Rockwood Roo Campers provide the benefits of a tent camper with the luxury of a travel trailer. These hybrid campers have a full-height center portion with plenty of space for cooking, entertainment, etc., and then also include one or two pop-outs with beds on either end.  Hybrid campers like these are great for larger families, or for retirees who sometimes bring along the grandkids on their adventures.

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Rockwood Roo Campers

More about Rockwood Roo Campers:

Hybrid Campers are exactly what they sound like: a hybrid cross of a travel trailer and a pop-up camper.  Most have one or two beds that pop out on either end of a travel-trailer-like middle.  So, the difference between a pop-up camper and a hybrid is that the hybrid’s middle doesn’t pop-up.  It’s already at its peak height the way a travel trailer is.

What’s great about hybrid campers is that you get lots more length than you have to tow because the beds are stored away while you’re traveling.  You’re towing 21′ instead of 28! Plus, if you don’t need to pop-out both beds, because the grandkids stayed home, for example, you don’t have to! You can pop out one bed and leave the other stored away without it impeding anything else inside the camper.

Hybrids are also acceptable at campgrounds where hard-sided campers are needed (usually) as long as you put away the pop-up bed when you’re not there. If you wanted, you could leave both pop out beds in place and use the dinette bed or couch (or both).  You’d still have easy access to everything you needed without worrying about your pop-outs.  This is a great solution in windy weather as well, such as in places like Moab, UT in the spring when the winds can get up to 50 MPH.

Rockwood Roo Travel TrailerHybrids do cost a little more than traditional pop-up campers, but they also provide more storage and have a dedicated bathroom.  They also have larger fresh water tanks AND have gray and black tanks too.