This Thanksgiving week we’re reminded that we have LOTS to be thankful for.  We have great customers, family and friends, and we live in a gorgeous part of the country! Every day that we’re out on the sales lot we get to look across the highway at the Colorado National Monument.  Who wouldn’t enjoy that view? Plus, we get to spend our days helping our customers find just the right RV for their hobbies and lifestyle.  It’s a pretty sweet gig! This year, we’d like to point out some RV Amenities we’re especially thankful for. Some of these are new, some have been around a long time, but they’re all features that make RVing even more fun.


  •  Outdoor kitchens.  Sure, part of the appeal of an RV is being able to cook inside when the weather isn’t great.  However, having an outdoor kitchen and (sometimes) a TV means that we can RV with our campground friends while watching a game! There’s space for everyone to gather around with a brat and a beer and watch baseball.  It means we can be outside cooking while the grandkids are riding their bikes or campground neighbor Bill is telling wild tales.
  • Solar Panels. Solar panels are a great option for those who like the idea of boondocking but don’t want a generator. They’re silent, efficient, and will keep your batteries powered.  While they won’t allow you to run your microwave or AC like a generator will, knowing your batteries are full charged means a sense of security when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.
  • Wet Baths.  Wet baths are a great way to save space and still have both a toilet and a shower.  Often customers will think they don’t want a wet bath, and that they need a full bath with a separate shower.  Many customers later realize that the wet bath is just fine and is a space saver too! How awesome is it that even a truck camper these days you can have a roomy shower by way of a wet bath?
  • Microwaves.  At first many customers think, “Oh we won’t ever use a microwave!” Guess what? One of the best things about camping somewhere with hookups is being able to use that microwave! Nachos? Yes, please! Leftover chili so no one has to cook dinner? Sure! Coffee got cold? That’s what the microwave is for!Rockwood 2511SB images
  • Wi-Fi Rangers.  If you’re camping at a KOA or other RV resort chances are you like resort amenities. Wi-Fi is a great amenity, especially if you work from your RV.  However, it can often be difficult to get good access to the wi-fi and you’ll end up with a weak signal that leaves you staring at a spinning wheel more often than not. That’s where the Wi-Fi ranger comes in handy! It will boost that wi-fi signal for you so you can get your work done and still have time to play!
  • Varied floorplans.  THese days it seems there’s a floorplan for everyone: Got a large family and need 4 bunks? No problem! Need space for your ATV and for Grandpa? Got it covered. Want something small that you can eat, sleep and shower in but also tow with your Subaru? We’ve got that too! RV manufacturers are pulling out all the stops these days to find new and better ways to serve you.  Don’t believe us? Come down to the lot and take a tour of our huge RV selection! We know you’ll find one you love!