In our experience, two of the biggest deciding issues for RV buyers are beds and dinettes. Some are adamant that only a north-south bed will do. Others are looking for a big dinette with lots of windows and space for 6. In this post we’ll break down the three main types RV bed options these days and explain some of the pros and cons for each.

The East/West bed is one of the most common options on smaller RVs.  To save on length, an East/West bed is an easy option.  These beds are great IF one of you doesn’t mind climbing over the other when nature calls in the middle of the night. The other downside is that often the person on the inside is left without a nightstand of any kind. Some RVs do offer a shelf above, or even a net storage area, which is helpful.  Bottom line: If you don’t often have to get up in the middle of the night, if you’re single, or if climbing over someone just isn’t that big of a deal, consider an east/west bed.

RPod 178








In smaller RVs you can still get a North/South bed option in the form of a murphy bed. The Rockwood minilites use this as a way to give those looking for a 24′ or less RV both a north/south bed and a couch.

Rockwood 1905G Travel Trailer Photos

Rockwood 1905G Travel Trailer Photos








This is a great system for couples who hate the idea of climbing over each other and for whom nightstands are essential.  The murphy bed option works well, but it does mean you’ve got to put your bed up and down each day.  It’s not as cumbersome as a dinette/bed option might be, but it also means your bed isn’t readily accessible during the day.

Finally, some RV floorplans are also offering a twin bed model.  This A-Frame 213 example shows how many RVs now offer you the option of twin beds that convert into a king bed. Plus side? North/South bed, windows, space of your own, basically 2 couches during the day.  Downsides? This is also your dinette.  So again, you’re left with the need to make up your bed each night. GeoPros and even RPods have models like this, so it’s not limited to pop-up campers.

Rockwood A213HWESP Tent Trailer








Which is right for you? Obviously these are all options available in smaller RVs. Larger RVs almost always have north/south beds and some other option as well, be it a bunk over the dinette, 2 bunks at the back, etc. But for those couples or families with one small child, finding a small RV that has the right bed requires some thought.  The benefit of an East/West bed is that it’s always there if you need a midday nap…the same can be said of twin beds. A Murphy option gives you a North/South bed with nightstands and storage, plus a couch for daytime.


We hope perhaps we’ve shown you a few pros and cons of the RV Bed options available in most smaller RV floorplans these days. If you’d like to take a tour of RVs with these options come see us 2122 Hwy 6 & 50 in Grand Junction, Colorado.