After days of inversion and below-freezing temperatures here in Grand Junction, Colorado we’re desperate for sunshine and camping weather! Because of that, today’s post is all about RV maintenance tips for spring. We want to make sure your first camping trip of the year is a good one.  Remember, if you need help with any RV maintenance issues, contact our Parts and Service Department. 

First, once the low temperatures are consistently above freezing, you can go ahead and de-winterize your camper. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that yourself we’re happy to take care of that for you at our service location.

De-winterizing gives you a chance to check for leaks from your pipes and holding tanks too.  Winters can be hard on campers, so it’s best to do a quick inspection to look for any water leaks.

Sanitize your fresh water tank.  After sitting for a year it’s a good idea to just do a quick sanitization before you take off on any trips.

Check the roof, too.  Make sure there aren’t any dents or marks that could indicate a hole or tear in the roof.

Re-install your battery.  Check all of your electrical functions, from awnings to the A/C.  Now is the time to make sure everything works like it should. Test your propane connection and the refrigerator as well.


Once you’ve taken care of the technical aspects, give your RV a spring cleaning treatment.  On a warm sunny day, open the windows, and keep one cracked if you can, to let in fresh air.  Wipe down the refrigerator, dust, and sweep. This is a great time to go ahead and re-stock your spices, add in any fun RV accessories you got for Christmas, and get excited about your first 2020 camping trip!

We hope our RV Maintenance Tips for Spring help you get your RV in shape for this year and get you excited about camping.