RV renovations seem to be all the rage these days.  With the popularity of tiny homes, people have started asking themselves, “How much space to do we need? Can we renovate a bus? Can we renovate our RV?” Of course you can. The real question is: should you?

According to Chris, our sales manager at Bob Scott RV here in Grand Junction, most people purchasing a used RV want to to look like it did when it left the factory.  That means they want the floorplan the RV originally had. But what IF you’ve decided you’ve got a great plan and you have no intentions of selling your RV anytime soon? Then we suggest asking yourself these questions about RV renovations:

  1. Is what you’re doing going to appeal to everyone? Or is this just for you? 
    • Perhaps you have an affinity for chickens and really want the kitchen area of your RV to reflect that. You’ve got a chicken wallpaper you want to add, chicken drawer pulls, etc.  Stop and think. Sure, you love chickens.  If you ever try to sell your RV do you think most of your prospective buyers are going to love chickens? Probably not. If you want to paint and change out drawer pulls and things, that’s not the worst idea, but make sure that the hardware and colors you’re using will appeal to others.
    • Perhaps you’re single and RVing full time. The dinette space is just unnecessary and would work better for you as a desk and storage area. This is a situation unique to YOU. Most people, even those looking at older used RVs, are expecting their RV to have a dinette.
  2. Are you eliminating storage? 
    • Is your new RV plan getting rid of pass through or under-bed storage? Are you removing cabinets in order to gain a feeling of space? Put the hammer down. A key rule in renovating an RV is to NOT lessen the amount of storage space available. Re-think your plan and find a way to keep that storage space. Even if it means you remove it from one area and add it back in another, you have to find a way to keep storage.
  3. Are you eliminating sleeping areas?
    • Like storage, the more spaces there are to sleep, the better. So if your RV renovations plan is going to eliminate a sleeping area (you want to remove the bunks from a bunkhouse model, for instance) we suggest re-thinking this plan.
  4. Is there a newer RV out there that might better suit your needs? 
    • Have you considered trading in your RV in order to find one that better fits your needs? There might be one in a similar size, new or used, that has what you’re looking for. You don’t have to go through the hassle of a renovation and you can get a fair deal on your current RV. Most RV dealers have a variety of travel trailers, fifth wheels, tent campers, motorhomes (we have used ones!), and truck and teardrop campers.  We highly suggest searching around your area for an RV dealer who might have a floorplan that will work for you. If you don’t see one on the lot, ask about a specific type of floor plan and the sales guys will be able to help you find what you need.
  5. Are you prepared to live with your changes?
    • Once you start an RV renovation project it can be difficult to go back. So you need to be sure you’re prepared to live with the changes you’re about to make. It may sound good on paper, but if it turns out not to be so great, do you have a plan then?

Measure twice and cut once is a great reminder for RV renovations…we’d also suggest: research, question, research again and question again before you begin. Be absolutely certain of what you’re doing and make sure you have the knowledge and skills to do it right.  If you set out on this journey and find yourself needing RV parts, make sure to stop by our parts center at 2302 Grand Park Drive in Grand Junction, Colorado.