The pollen count is up, birds are chirping, and there are lots of cars and truck with mountain bikes on them driving around town. It must be spring! That means it’s time to uncover the ol RV and get to work on a spring maintenance checklist before you take your camper out for the first trip of the season.

First, if you feel uncomfortable with any of the items mentioned below, feel free to call our service department (970) 245-1305.  We’ll be happy to help you with any RV spring maintenance help you need!

Batteries: Fully charge your batteries.  If you’ve uninstalled them for the winter, reinstall them and check to make sure they’re functioning properly. You might try turning on lights, rolling out your awning, etc. Test items that use batteries to ensure they’re charged and working like they should.

Dewinterize & check plumbing: We’ve got a whole post about dewinterizing in our FAQ section.  Again, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, we’re happy to help at our parts and service center! Once you’ve dewinterized, fill your fresh water tank about half way and check your plumbing by turning on the water pump. Let it pressurize and then listen. If it comes back on in a bit while you’re taking care of other tasks, it could be a sign of a leak.  Make a general check everywhere, under sinks, by the hot water heater pipes, etc to ensure there aren’t any leaks.

Install a new water filter. Since you hopefully removed your water filter at the end of last camping season, now is a good time to get a new one and install it too.

Gas: Check your propane tanks and then check your gas appliances. Make sure the lines are clear and that the stove lights as it should.

Tires: Check your tire pressure, bearings, etc. This is also a good time to check the batteries in  your tire monitor if you use one, and test your backup camera set up.

Roof: Get on the roof and check for cracks or any other obvious issues like problems with seals, damage from debris, etc. Sweep off the roof and clean it if you like, but never use a pressure washer on it.

Slides and Pop-Outs: Check and lube your slide outs with the appropriate product for your type of slide. This is available at our parts store or an RV parts store close to you. If you have a pop-up, pick a sunny day to set up the camper and check for holes in the pop-outs. This also helps with just airing out the camper after a long winter of sitting.

Clean: Take this opportunity to give the interior of your camper a thorough cleaning. Mop the floor, clean the bathroom, dust off the appliances, etc. It’s your home away from home and it needs that attention just like your car or house does. Check your RV pantry and replace any spices, oils, etc. that you may have left over the winter.


If you have questions about RV Spring maintenance, don’t hesitate to call us at  (970) 245-1305.