Whether you’re getting ready for your first RV trip ever, or your 1000th, having an RV Travel Checklist is always a good thing! RV checklists can help you with loading your camper, hooking up and prepping for travel, and setting up in camp. Our checklists below will help with all three.

First, have a spring maintenance RV Travel Checklist that covers all the things you need to do before you set out on a trip like:

  • De-Winterizing
  • Airing out
  • Sanitizing your freshwater tank and checking for leaks
  • (closer to your trip) turning on the fridge
  • charging and checking the battery
  • testing the water pump.

RV Travel Checklist

Next, have a list of all the things you like to have in your camper. Double check that those items are present and replace older ones, like cooking oil. You might consider the following:

  • Dishes, cookware and kitchen tools,
  • Nonperishable food items,
  • Cleaning supplies,
  • First-aid kit,
  • Tool kit and extra fuses
  • Batteries,
  • Flashlights,
  • Games and magazines,
  • Extra cold-weather clothing like hats, gloves, and a spare jacket
  • RV-friendly toilet paper, and
  • Soap, shampoo, linens and other bathroom supplies.

Finally, have a checklist to go through when you get ready to leave and also when you arrive at your site.  This is more of a “did we do this/what do we do first” list. It might contain things like:

  • Hook up camper to truck
  • Attach sway control
  • Connect lights
  • Check lights
  • Turn on tire monitor
  • Check all doors and storage compartments to make sure they’re locked
  • Make one last trip around the camper to check everything.

(Reverse when you arrive at camp).

We hope our RV Travel Checklists can help you create lists of your own! For more ideas check out this list from GoRVing.com.  If you need service or parts, make sure to check out our parts and service center at 2302 Grand Park Drive in Grand Junction, CO.