Preparing for your first RV trip is a fun experience, or at least it should be. Sometimes RV trip preparation can be stressful.  However, with our tips and a little bit of forethought, getting set for your first RV trip of the season will be as easy as parking in a pull through site!

A month to six-weeks out

Make your RV camping reservation as soon as you can. While you can find last-minute options if you’re lucky, planning ahead is best. You will be able to get the best site available. You’ll also be able to do more research and choose a campsite based on amenities, not desperation.

RV Trip PreparationA few weeks out

If you are going to de-winterize your RV for this trip, keep an eye on the weather. Dewinterize at the last possible minute, but go ahead and make an appointment to have it done if you aren’t doing it yourself.  After you do, bring your RV home, plug it in, and keep the heat running at night on a low temp like 45.

Also use this time to plan your camping menu. If it’s still cold out, you may not want to cook outside. Think about soups and recipes that are easy to reheat or cook on your stovetop. If you’re lucky enough to have an oven use it! It will help keep the RV warmer too.

A week out

Check the weather for your destination and start a packing list. Print this and keep it on the counter if you want. Sometimes this helps to ensure you don’t forget anything! If you’ve got items you took out for the winter, gather those and go ahead and add them to the RV (since the heat is on low anyway).  Do a quick maintenance check for tires, the roof, slides, etc.

Two days out

Though this is probably already done since you’ve likely had the heat on, charge the RV and turn on the fridge. This way it will get cold before you add anything to it. Go ahead and cool down some sodas, etc. in your house fridge so they’ll be cold when you add them to the RV fridge.

Start loading what you can. We don’t recommend loading foods until the morning of, or at least the night before. However, you can go ahead and add blankets, games, books, sports gear and even winter jackets and such if you want.

The morning of

Add in all your last-minute gear like food, clothes, technology, etc. Be sure to check all of your battery and solar panel gauges to make sure everything is fully charged. When it comes to RV trip preparation, you don’t want to literally be left in the dark!  After you hook up your trailer be sure to do a quick brake light check before heading off. Now it’s time to enjoy the start of your first adventure of 2022!