Winter will be here soon and, if you’re like many of us out here on the Western Slope, you’re trying to squeeze in a few more camping trips before the cold weather truly sets in.  We’ve got some RV Winter Maintenance tips that may help.

RV Winter Maintenance

First, if you’re still using your RV, keep an eye on the nighttime temps. You may need to open up the cabinet where your water pump lives and turn the heat on (just to 40 or so) to keep everything from freezing.

Next, for your own comfort, make sure you’ve got extra blankets with you in case nighttime temps while you’re camping dip below what you were expecting!

When you decide it’s time to put the camper up for the season you’ll need to winterize it. You can do this  yourself following our instructions here . Remember: All RVs are different and our general instructions may not list all specific steps for your RV.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can always schedule a service appointment and have our service department handle it for you! Go ahead and drain all the water from your lines once you’re finished with the RV for the season. This will help to protect those until we are able to winterize it.

Give your RV exterior a thorough once-over.  If you see any cracks, leaks, or potential issues, we can address them while we have your RV in for service anyway.  Take this time to clean the inside as well. It’s always good to start the next camping season with a clean RV!

Finally, move your batteries inside for the winter. This keeps them from freezing, which can affect the life cycle of the batteries.  Dust off your RV cover and tuck your camper in for a long winter’s hiberation.

We hope our RV Winter Maintenance tips help you safely store your RV for the winter.