Most of the fun of RVing is being able to get outside and commune with nature. That’s why we go, right? To hike and fish and bike and sit around a cozy campfire at night looking at the stars. However, all of that goes out the window when bad weather strikes. So how can you still have a good trip when RVing in bad weather? We’ve got a few tips to help!

RVing in Bad Weather

First, if you’re driving in this inclement weather, slow down. Wet roads mean a greater chance for skids, hydroplaning, etc. It’s best to play it safe and go slowly.

If you’re in camp when bad weather strikes, obviously you want to do what you can to make the most of it, especially if you have bored kids!

  • Consider a big breakfast. Maybe this is the morning to whip out the pancake batter and find all the possible pancake toppings you can in your kitchen. Peanut butter, bananas, jam, sprinkles, and leftover chocolate from s’mores can all be pancake toppings!
  • Have a rainy day box and get it out. Before your camping season starts, put together a “surprise” rainy day box.  You can do this for adults and/or kids. For kids consider: a new board game or card game, puzzles, new coloring books, a dvd or two if you have a TV/DVD option in your camper, and maybe a fun craft or two as well.  For adults consider: a new board game or card game, magazines, crossword puzzle books, a season of your favorite show on DVD, a new cocktail recipe and the ingredients for it.
  • Hit up the indoor tourist attractions. Depending on where you’re camping, today might be a great day to visit a museum, aquarium, or even take in a movie.
  • Finally, make use of your awning! If it’s raining but not windy, you may be able to put your awning out and expand your rainy day space.  Sitting under the awning watching the rain fall with a hot cup of coffee can be a great way to spend the day!

We hope RVing in bad weather doesn’t happen to you often, but when it does we think you can still have a great camping trip by following our tips.  Need RV parts and service? Come see our parts and service center at 2302 Grand Park Drive in Grand Junction.