It is spring and RV and camping season is here! If you’re like us you’re ready to hit the road and build a campfire. However, if you’re planning a first-time RV trip with your kids or grandkids, you’re probably nervous. How will this go? Will the kids enjoy themselves? Will they get bored? What if it rains? We’ve got a few tips for RVing with Kids below.

RVing with Kids

Start off Easy

Make your first RV trip with the kids an easy one.  Pick a campground or camping area just a few hours from home.  Choose a place with many possibilities for exploring.  Ensure there are a few options for “rainy day” activities as well. Being close to home and having lots of trails, lakes, or playgrounds to keep kids occupied will help make your first trip a good one.

Reserve a Site

Relieve your own stresses by making sure you have a campsite reserved. While this might take some early planning, you’ll be so glad you did it. The last thing you want is to disappoint the kids by turning around and driving home because there’s nowhere to camp.

Pack Strategically

When RVing with kids, plan your packing carefully. If there is room to bring the bikes, do it. Pack extra fun camping snacks.  Consider adding in a frisbee or other outside games. Heck, we’ve even seen kids driving their battery-powered tiny cars around campsites. They had the best time! Kids will have more fun when they have both nature and some comforts from home with them.

Plan for Rain

This is why you got an RV! Have a special box of “rainy day” activities for camp, like board games, videos and crafts.  Alternatively, do some research on indoor options in town.  Is there an aquarium or fun museum to go to? Having a plan for inclement weather ensures you won’t get caught off guard.

RVing with kids can be such fun! Watching them explore the world around them is a priceless experience.  Make their RVing time as fun as possible by using these tips. Need service work? Contact us! We’d love to help.