It’s not difficult these days, with a little planning, to reserve campsites at nice campgrounds that provide electricity at each camp site.  Some even provide water and sewer hookups.  However, there are thousands of gorgeous campgrounds out there that are more primitive.  There are lots of boondocking spots with spectacular views! And guess what? In the shoulder seasons most people aren’t there.  You can have these places all to yourself. However, if you’re planning to boondock or stay in primitive sites for more than a few days, you might want to ask yourself, “Should I get a solar panel for my RV?” The answer is YES.

Should I get a solar panel for my RV

As soon as the sun starts to rise, you can hook up your solar panel simply by plugging it in to the solar port on your camper.  This may be more difficult if you have an older camper, but most new campers these days are coming “solar ready.” Turn the panel to face the sun and watch your batteries recharge!

Increasingly RVs are coming equipped with solar panels, which means less work for you as the buyer! Still, if you’ve purchased a used rv, adding a portable solar panel is a good idea.

Having a solar panel means no worries about charging your phone, using your stereo, running the heater (the blower uses some battery power), having the lights on, etc. It will recharge your trailer’s batteries in several hours.

Solar panels aren’t as loud as generators.  While they don’t allow you to run your microwave or A/C like some generators do, they also help to keep primitive spaces more so because they don’t add any noise pollution to the environment. Generators are great for many purposes, but if you’re someone who prefers the quiet, a solar panel is probably a better option.

Solar panels are easy to travel with.  They usually fold down and fit into a case with a handle that is easily stored behind the seat in your truck or in your camper.

If you’ve got a toy hauler, which can require a bit more power to move around electric beds, etc., or you’re someone who needs that A/C or the microwave (hello? kids?) then by all means visit our parts and service department and check out their generators.  But if you’d prefer something lighter that will just help keep your batteries charged, solar panels can be just right!  So the next time someone asks you, “Should I get a solar panel?” You’ll know exactly what to tell them!