There is so much to love about the Tab 400 by NuCamp that we decided to blog about it! Truthfully, there’s lots of love about all of the campers we stock; each is perfect for different types of campers. The teardrops, like this Tab 400, are great for folks who want all the comforts of a travel trailer in a small camper that can be towed with some smaller SUVs.  The Tab 400, pictured below is 18.3 ft long with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 3900lbs.

Tab 400


Inside, it’s spacious and well thought out, with lots of interesting storage nooks and a large wet bath.

From the floorplan you can see how much room is in the wet bath, and how spacious the dinette is for two people. There is storage above the dinette too.

Tab 400

For a small camper there is a ton of counter space, plus storage above the bed and kitchen area too. The Tab 400 by NuCamp also has a microwave which makes cooking even more convenient when you have electric hookups.

Believe it or not, the dinette in the Tab 400 can be converted to a small sleeping area, making this a potentially 3-person camper.  It also has an option for solar AND, if you’re a solo traveler, there’s a version for that too! You can see all the various options available with this camper here. 

There is no lack of tank space either. The Tab 400 by NuCamp has a 22 gallon fresh water tank, 18 gallon gray water tank, and a 12 gallon black tank. This makes staying out for about 3 days without dumping possible if you’re a conservative water user. We always recommend shutting the water off as you shower (use it for getting wet and then rinsing off, but turn it off while you shampoo your hair and soap up). This can help you save quite a bit of water, which means more fresh water for you and also less water in  your gray tank.

If you’re interested in touring this Tab 400 come down and see us! We’re open Monday – Saturday at 2122 Hwy 6 between Grand Junction and Fruita.