Here at Bob Scott RV we stock a wide variety of RVs.  Everything from toy haulers and fifth wheels to teardrops and tent trailers can be found on our lot.  We believe each type of trailer has its purpose, for the right buyer.  Today we want to highlight the benefits of pop-up campers, including our Rockwood Tent Trailers and A-Frames, and our Rockwood Roo Hybrid Trailers.

Rockwood Tent Trailer











When most people think of pop-up campers, or tent trailers, they think of something like the above photo.  This is what the majority of tent campers look like.  They have a bed that pops out on each end, and a middle portion that pops up containing a dinette, kitchen, and general living space.

One of the best benefits of a pop-up camper, especially over a tent, is the space everyone has.  A family of 5 (2 parents, 3 small children) will find plenty of room in a pop-up camper like this.  3 kids can easily fit on a queen bed on one end, while 2 parents sleep on the other bed.  If need be, the dinette also can be used as a bed.  If a bad storm comes, there is room in a pop-up camper to play games, read books, etc. In a tent, everyone ends up cramped from a lack of space.

When the weather turns chilly, you can turn on your heater in a pop-up camper! Ah, to be able to keep everyone happy with a little bit of heat while the snow from a late season storm falls around you.

Mostly though, if you’re looking at all sorts of campers, the reasons to choose a pop-up camper are:

  • Pop-ups are easy to tow.  Most can be towed by vans like Toyota Siennas or smaller SUVs.  They’re light enough that you won’t need a weight-distributing hitch and won’t notice any sway when traveling.
  • Their low profile means wind resistance isn’t a problem when traveling down the interstate, and setting up and taking down a pop-up is quick and painless.
  • Pop-ups are also affordable.  They’re less expensive than many travel trailers.
  • Pop-ups don’t have as much storage as travel trailers and also don’t have bathrooms or much water storage.  Still, for the weight savings, ease of use with small kids, and price point, they’re a great choice for many families!

A-Frame Pop-Up Campers are another option. These hard-sided pop-ups are great for couples just looking for a way to get out of a tent.  They’re lightweight and tow easily behind smaller SUVs and vans, which are some of the best benefits of pop-up campers.  They set up in a snap AND because they’re hard-sided, you can take them into bear country and National Parks that require hard-sided campers at their campgrounds.  A-Frames really are suitable only for 2 people as there is usually just one bed.  However, if you needed to, you could easily make the dinette into a bed and have someone sleep there as well.

A-Frames do have storage under the dinette and bed, and some, like this one, have deck storage as well, which is quite helpful in a small space. They’re affordable too, though they do usually lack a bathroom.








Hybrid Campers are exactly what they sound like: a hybrid cross of a travel trailer and a pop-up camper.  Most have one or two beds that pop out on either end of a travel-trailer-like middle.  So, the difference between a pop-up camper and a hybrid is that the hybrid’s middle doesn’t pop-up.  It’s already at its peak height the way a travel trailer is.

What’s great about hybrid campers is that you get lots more length than you have to tow because the beds are stored away while you’re traveling.  You’re towing 21′ instead of 28! Plus, if you don’t need to pop-out both beds, because the grandkids stayed home, for example, you don’t have to! You can pop out one bed and leave the other stored away without it impeding anything else inside the camper.

Hybrids are also acceptable at campgrounds where hard-sided campers are needed (usually) as long as you put away the pop-up bed when you’re not there. If you wanted, you could leave both pop out beds in place and use the dinette bed or couch (or both).  You’d still have easy access to everything you needed without worrying about your pop-outs.  This is a great solution in windy weather as well, such as in places like Moab, UT in the spring when the winds can get up to 50 MPH.

Rockwood Roo Travel TrailerHybrids do cost a little more than traditional pop-up campers, but they also provide more storage and have a dedicated bathroom.  They also have larger fresh water tanks AND have gray and black tanks too.

Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought on the benefits of pop-up campers.  Remember you can always give us a call at 245-2175 or come out and see us at 2122 Hwy 6&50 in Grand Junction, Colorado!

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