It’s October and you know what that means: winter and freezing temps will be here before we know it. Out here in Western Colorado we’re lucky. We can continue camping, with water, usually through October.  If you travel south to Arizona or New Mexico, you may never have to winterize. However, the importance of winterizing shouldn’t be dismissed. Winterizing your RV has many benefits and these days you can do it yourself OR call and schedule a service appt with us at (970)  245-1305.

The Importance of Winterizing your RV

First, winterizing your RV means you won’t end up with a burst pipe. Just as water will freeze and expand in your hoses and home pipes, it can do the same in your RV. The problem is that you may not notice it until the first time you try to fill up your fresh water tank or run your water heater.

Next, winterizing protects your water pump. Even a little bit of water freezing in your water pump can cause it to malfunction. The last thing you want to discover when you get to a campsite is that your water pump doesn’t work. Trust me, we’ve been close to that disaster!

A third reason winterizing your RV is important is because of small leaks that can happen and go undetected until they cause damage to walls or floors in your RV.

It’s so much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to winterizing your RV. If you can’t get an appointment until after the first freeze, go ahead and drain all the water from your RV and consider pouring a little RV antifreeze (it’s pink, not bue/green) into the sink drain and (if you have one) shower drain. Do this a couple of days ahead of time so that things hopefully will have time to dry out before that freeze happens. This is NOT a permanent solution. For tips on fully winterizing your camper, click here.