Fall camping can be a wonderful thing. Often, kids are back in school, so families aren’t traveling as much. This means, if you’re able to travel, you’ll get to enjoy less crowded campgrounds and tourist attractions. We’ve put together some tips for fall camping for you that we hope will make your trip even better.



tips for fall camping
Beautiful views and quiet campgrounds can be yours in the fall. Pictured: Farewell Bend Campground, OR


  1. Plan ahead. These days you just never know what changes a campground, local attraction, or restaurants you’re traveling to may have made. Call ahead to get answers to your questions so you’re not surprised when you arrive. Really this is a great tip for any time of year, not just fall!
  2. Be prepared for changing weather. In Park City, UT this coming week one night the temps are forecast to be in the high 20s! Be sure to check the weather where you’re going and plan accordingly. Even if you do that, we still recommend taking some extra blankets and layers, just in case.
  3. Get some leaf peeping in! There’s no point in a fall camping trip without enjoying the changing leaves. We’ve got a great list here of best fall hikes in Colorado. 
  4. Plan some great fall weather meals. These are a few really interesting and fun campfire meals for fall. If you prefer to cook in your camper, consider easy soups, chilis, and stews that you can make ahead and reheat at camp.
  5. Have a backup plan in case the weather really takes a turn for the worst. Unexpected storms and snow can happen in the mountains in the fall. If you suddenly find yourself needing to head for lower elevations, have a plan already in place.
  6. Give your RV a good once-over before heading out on your trip. Check your tires, your heater, and the hot water heater before you head out.
  7. Are there any festivals happening? What about great local fall veggies and fruits to purchase? Don’t miss out on that either!

We hope our tips for fall camping help you have a great trip!