We all look forward to summer camping trips.  Campfires, marshmallows, and days of exploring are what make summer so awesome. However, those summer camping trips can also be scorchers! If the temps are high and you don’t have electricity, that lovely summer trip you were looking forward to can be downright miserable. We’ve got some tips for staying cool while camping.

First, there are some obvious ways to keep yourself cool during the day.  If you’re camped near a lake or lovely mountain stream, you can enjoy that. Swimming, wading and floating are all great ways to stay cool in the heat of summer.  But we know you’re smart and you’ll figure that part out on your own! That’s why we’ve got better tips on staying cool while camping that actually involve your camper.

A great tip for keeping your camper cool is to park in the shade if possible. If there are some great trees providing some shelter, trees that aren’t going to topple in a storm, then use those as a shady spot for your RV. This will automatically help keep it cooler.

Next, get that cross-breeze going! Open the vents, open the windows, etc. A cross breeze will make your RV feel so much cooler!

tips for staying cool while campingAnother great tip for staying cool while camping is for tents. If you’ve got friends staying with you who are sleeping in a tent, and there’s no chance of rain during the day, have them take off the rain fly. This will allow for much more air flow into the tent and keep it not only cooler, but smelling better too.

Use your fan. Almost every RV these days comes with a Fantastic Fan, or a similar fan. These are great for pulling hot air out of your RV.

Don’t forget about your awning. If there isn’t much shade to sit under, create your own with your awning or, if you don’t have one, with a shelter like this one from The North Face. You can roll up all the “doors” for just some shade and a breeze, and if it starts to rain, you can close those for a protected outdoor shelter.

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