It’s camping season and if you’re traveling to a new-to-you campground, you may be a bit nervous. What if it’s not as nice as you thought? Where are all the bathrooms? These are all valid concerns to have, but that’s why we’re here. We’ve got tips for visiting a new campground that will ensure you have a great time!

Tips for Visitng a New CampgroundBefore you get there

Before you get to the new campground there are several things you can do to prepare for your arrival. Check out the campground’s website, if they have one, or at least a map of the area on or whatever site you used to book the campground. Also consider sites like for great campground information too.  Make sure to read up on amenities that are available so you’ll know before you go.

Once you’re there

At your campground, once you’ve parked and gotten set up, take time to take a walk around. Get familiar with the other sites and, if you want, take notes about which ones seem really nice. For future trips this is great information to have!  Ask the hosts or volunteers for tips or for their favorite things to do at camp.

Unsure where something is? That’s what hosts are for! Be sure to ask for anything you need or can’t find, especially if you read about on their website.

If you see friendly campers around feel free to ask them about the campground too and if they’ve stayed there before. They may have some tips for you too. Most campers are super friendly people and are always willing to help.

Traveling to a new campground can be an adventure! Use our tips to keep it from being stressful.

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