Road Trips, Part 3!


If you’re planning an RV road trip, make sure to include some “blue highways.” Blue highways, as opposed to interstates, are those 2 and 4 lane roads that will get you the same place, but with a more laid-back feel and tourist stops along the way.  If you’re planning on traveling blue highways this summer, check out our list of tips and suggestions below.

A few famous blue highways are U.S. Hwy 50, also known as the “loneliest highway in America” and Route 66.  You can pick up Hwy 50 off of I-15 near Fillmore, Utah and take it all the way to California.  Along the way you can make stops at the Hickman Petroglyph campground in Nevada and at several historic markers for the Pony Express, which used the same route. Route 66 goes from Chicago all the way to California and of course includes lots of fun and unique stops like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and the Leaning Tower of Texas in Groome, Texas.

Traveling blue highways Route 50


Plan your route beforehand and use a maps site online to help you determine mileage, etc. Know where you’ll be stopping each night so that you can find a campground and go ahead and make reservations ahead of time. Do some research on nearby restaurants and tourist attractions that you might want to check out.

No trip to the Pacific Northwest is complete without traveling blue highways like Hwy 101.  There are so many scenic pullouts along this stretch of highway that you’ll have to skip a few if you want to ever get to your destination!

Traveling Blue Highways Oregon 101

When you’re traveling blue highways, plan some time for random stops. You never know when a roadside farm stand or unique attraction might catch your eye! You should also plan for long stretches with few options for bathroom or food breaks.  Take some extra snacks and pull over and use your camper bathroom if you need to!

Don’t forget an actual map. There are sections of some blue highways with little service and gps systems aren’t always accurate.  It’s better to double check an actual map and figure out a stopping point for the day that way.   If you’re ready to hit the road, stop by our parts and service center! Get a full tune up and be on your way!