With so many camper options out there narrowing down your choices to one or two types of camper is hard! Our list of Truck Camper Pros and Cons can help you add or take truck campers off your list of possibilities. At Bob Scott RV in Grand Junction, CO, we stock two brands of truck campers: Northstar and Cirrus (NuCamp). Below are reasons to consider buying a truck camper.

Truck Camper Pros:

Mobility – having a truck camper means you can go anywhere your truck can go (concievably).  Especially if you choose a pop-up truck camper, like a Northstar, you’ll be able to make it to backcountry locations that trucks towing a travel trailer can’t get to. This can be especially good if boondocking and solitude are the types of camping you enjoy most.

Driveablity – truck campers slide into the back of your truck so you never have to worry about towing anything. Your drives through quaint small towns and big cities aren’t hindered by a travel trailer.  Parking is easier in these locations too!

Less set up/break down time – Pulling into a campsite with a truck camper is as easy as: backing in (or pulling in for pull-throughs), plugging in, and getting out your camp chairs.  The next morning, reverse! You may have to level one side or the other in some situations, but the overall time it takes to set up camp with a truck camper is much less than with a travel trailer or fifth wheel.

Truck Camper Pros and Cons Cirrus

Truck Camper Cons:

For some, travel trailers offer more benefits than truck campers, and that’s ok! We stock a wide variety of travel trailers, teardrops, and truck campers so that you can choose the type of camper that makes the most sense for you.  When it comes to truck camper pros and cons, our cons list probably doesn’t contain any surprises.

Space – Truck Campers are low on space and storage. Though many of them have way more storage than you’d expect (pantry space, under-bed storage, etc), they still do not have the storage capacity that travel trailers do. This includes a limited amount of space in your fresh water and waste tanks too.

Room for two only – Most truck campers really aren’t the best for families. They have a large bed over the cab, but otherwise the only sleeping space is the dinette.  So while these are great for couples, if you have kids you may want to consider a travel trailer with a bunkhouse.

Towing vehicle – Finally, if you don’t already have the right truck for a truck camper, you’ll be adding an extra expense. There are plenty of travel trailers that can be towed by an SUV or even a van (a more limited amount of trailer options), so if you already have a vehicle like that then a travel trailer or tear drop might make more sense.

Whatever type of trailer or camper you’re looking for, we can help you get it! Come by and see us at 2122 Hwy 6&50 in Grand Junction, Colorado.